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Buying land in Kerala is made much easier and we’re helping out in adding colors to your life. All you need is an accessible internet connection on your device.

1.Log on to

2.Check for availabilities that meet your requirements.

3.If yes, let us know about it.

4.Do not get disappointed if the available properties don’t match your dream property.

5.Ping us your requirements. Your necessity is our priority.

We have collaborated with 100+ land brokers in Kerala which will help you find your dream property. We assure you no direct interactions with brokers also ensure you no commission and no fraud.


Selling a land in Kerala is a complex procedure like finding the perfect buyer for your property.

HEYLands has made it simple and provides Free listing for you.

1: Ring us on  ‘(+91) 7736811678‘  or send an email about your property to ‘[email protected]

2: Our agent will contact you within 2 working days.

3:Proper verification and other procedures (site visit, document verification)

4: Once we gather all the required information, your property will be listed in

We have collaborated with 100+ brokers in Kerala which will help HEYLands to connect with buyers . We assure you no direct interactions with brokers also ensure you no broker commission and no fraud.

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In a digital world like ours, HEYLands assures a safer place where the buyers and sellers get to choose.

HEYLands is an online property marketplace - where nothing is hidden and can access everything with an ease of a click - a place where you can easily buy and sell property in Kerala

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